Tuesday 28 November 2023

ATUC pays tribute to the life and activism of Gerry McCabe

The Aberdeen TUC is very saddened at the death of Gerry McCabe on 3rd November 2023.

Gerry was a long serving UNISON delegate to the ATUC and all delegates who knew him have very fond memories of campaigning alongside Gerry over many years and especially when he was a UNISON representative at Aberdeen City Council fighting back against Council cuts.

Gerry was an excellent Trade Union representative who spoke his mind and clearly expressed his point of view on matters affecting the lives of UNISON members working for Aberdeen City Council.

He would regularly challenge Council Officers and local Councillors, especially when opposing job losses and cuts in Council services.

Gerry’s involvement with Aberdeen TUC meant he could be found standing on picket lines and marching down Union Street on the ATUC May Day and St. Andrew’s Day marches. He could also be very regularly seen in St Nicholas Square at the  Socialist Workers Party stall with his Socialist  Worker paper on sale.

Given Gerry’s support for the Palestinian people there was a warm salute of gratitude and respect recorded in his honour by all those in attendance at the Palestine Solidarity rally at Union Terrace Gardens on Saturday 18th November.

Gerry is a good example of a principled socialist and a true working-class hero who supported the working-class in their struggle for a better life in a world of peace, free from hatred and war.

In his honour and memory the Aberdeen TUC will continue to organise to improve the lives of working-class people and their families whether at the workplace or within the wider community here in Aberdeen and elsewhere around our world.

When we are on picket lines or demonstrating on our streets we will always remember Gerry, as we follow in his footsteps, honouring his memory and lifetime commitment to Trade Unionism, International Solidarity and Socialism.

Our deepest condolences go to Gerry's wife and family and his many, many friends.


Sunday 19 November 2023

Come along to the St Andrew's Day rally on 25 November and join the fight against racism and fascism

Please join us at our St Andrew's Day rally against racism and fascism on Saturday 25 November from 12 noon.

Organised by Aberdeen Trades Union Council, it will begin in the Castlegate before moving into the Anatomy Rooms, depending on the weather. The rally will hear from a packed line up of speakers, along with music and poetry.

This is another crucial year in the fight against racism and fascism. The racist UK Government immigration policy and rhetoric is going from bad to worse. On top of that we face a cost of living crisis and attacks on pay that disproportionately affect equalities groups including Black workers and disabled people. 

We also stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine, as Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza, with the massacre of over 11,000 civilians, including almost 5,000 children. Alongside Israel's denial of food, water, fuel and medicines, this collective punishment constitutes a war crime and Israel must be held to account.

Please join us and be part of the fight against racism and fascism and for a more just, more equal world.

Saturday 4 November 2023

Report from STUC Women’s Conference 2023

Kathleen Kennedy, Vice president and Kate Ramsden were the ATUC delegates to the 96th Annual STUC Women’s Conference in Glasgow, on 30 and 31 October 2023.

Conference backs ATUC emergency motion on Gaza

ATUC submitted an emergency motion on Gaza to the Conference, entitled “End the Genocide in Gaza”. Initially this was to be composited with emergency motions from the STUC Women’s Committee and the National College of Midwives, but were then heard as individual motions with the NCM withdrawing theirs.

Our motion called on the STUC Women’s Committee to continue to work with the General Council to highlight the terrible impact of this war on innocent women, children and men and to call for a ceasefire; to lobby our Scottish politicians of all parties to condemn unequivocally the bombardment of Gaza, to condemn the loss of all human life equally and to demand an immediate ceasefire and the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza; to call on all affiliates to support the demonstrations in cities across Scotland and to add their voices to these calls.

It was approved and is now STUC Women’s Conference policy.

Moving the motion, Kate Ramsden told conference that we are witnessing genocide as the world looks on in horror. She condemned the UK’s cowardice at refusing to back a humanitarian ceasefire, when we are seeing the massacre of over 8000 Gazan civilians including over 3000 children.

Kate said: “These are not statistics. They are real people like you and me. Children with hopes and dreams and plans for their future. Now gone and everything they dreamed off and would have contributed to the world gone with them.”

Saturday 14 October 2023

Join us for "Everything Must Change" - film and discussion about what we can all do


Join us on 9 November at 7.30pm at the ATUC office at 2A Adelphi for a screening of the film "Everything Must Change".

The cost of living, climate change, food, housing, land: the multiple crises we face are deeply interlinked, which means the solutions are too. 

"Everything Must Change" explains how all these crises - and the accompanying spiralling price rises - have come about, and shows how a just transition away from a free market extractive system based on exploitation to a renewable energy system based on people's needs can solve all of them. 

Drawing on the experience of numerous inspiring social movements, the film shows how climate change, driven by profiteering by our global systems has destroyed our planet and increased inequality.

We need to transform global infrastructure and services to be people oriented, by building a mass workers' and peasants' movement to enact a just transition. For the people, by the people, and never for profit. Because government and big business aren't going to do it for us.

Stay after the film to take part in a practical discussion about concrete steps to work together as one movement in making that just transition.

Thursday 28 September 2023

A Very British Conspiracy - The Shrewsbury 24 and the Campaign for Justice

Our Class Our Culture Series 

You are invited to a meeting at 7pm in the Salvation Army Citadel, Castlegate, Aberdeen on Friday 29th September 2023 Sandwiches and light refreshments will be available from 6.30pm 

You will have an opportunity to hear directly from those involved in the Shrewsbury 24 construction workers successful campaign for justice. 

  • Speakers - Eileen Turnbull and Terry Renshaw 
  • Chair: Graeme Farquhar, President of Aberdeen TUC 

There will be a social event next door in the Carlton bar from 9pm until midnight with live music provided by singer/guitarist Ray Moore. 

This meeting has been arranged by the Aberdeen & District Unite Retired Members Branch and supported by Unite Aberdeen Area Activists Committee, Unite Scotland Construction Sector Branches with the support of the Aberdeen TUC and Aberdeen Morning Star Supporters Group.

Monday 18 September 2023

March calls for halt to fossil fuels and just transition

 ATUC Exec member and Aberdeenshire UNISON Green Champion, Steve Gray joined climate campaigners who marched through Edinburgh on Saturday 16 Sept to demand the UK and Scottish Governments develop a plan for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels. 

The march was one of 650 actions taking place around the world with millions of people involved this weekend ahead of a UN Climate Ambition Summit of world leaders in New York next week. 

Steve said, "It was very encouraging to hear and see so many campaigners speaking out with empathy and energy in support of the workers in the fossil fuel industries who need the Government support for a just transition now. Also to see the Save Saint Fitticks Park Campaign at the front of the march."

The protestors demanded action to phase out oil and gas in the UK including a halt to controversial projects like the Rosebank oil field and a new gas-fired power station in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. 

They called for a fair and fast transition for the workers and the communities most affected by the move away from fossil fuels and these people should be at the heart of planning this transition to ensure it meets their needs.  

Steve Gray addresses climate rally in Edinburgh and calls for action on climate change

Photo by Neil Hanna, Friends of the Earth
ATUC Exec member and Aberdeenshire UNISON Green Champion, Steve Gray joined climate campaigners who marched through Edinburgh on Saturday 16 Sept to demand the UK and Scottish Governments develop a plan for a fair and fast transition away from fossil fuels. 

Here is the text of the speech he made at the event:

"Thank you for the opportunity to march with you in solidarity for a Just Transition for the Fossil Workers and their communities.

Since its founding in 1868 the ATUC has organised and participated in many social justice and workplace campaigns at local, national and international levels.

The Scottish Government are conducting another consultation and its on the North East Scotland Transition Fund. The people of the North East Scotland need in person visits and meetings from the Scottish and UK Governments not online consultations which most people are not even aware. These meetings need be with a range of communities from Elgin to Fraserburgh to Aberdeen to Dundee.

The people of Scotland need deeds not words. The cost of living crisis cuts deeply here and failing to fairly fund Local Government is making the crisis worse.

When Local Government workers go on strike in the coming weeks they are fighting not just to pay their bills and feed their families but to save the services we all rely on. Please support these workers!