Friday, 12 August 2022

ATUC joins RMT in remembering the Carmont rail tragedy

Aberdeen Trades Union Council joins RMT, in remembering Brett McCullough, Donald Dinnie, and Christopher Stuchbury
on the second anniversary of the Carmont derailment.

Our thoughts are with their families and everyone on the railway affected by this tragedy.

We do not forget.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Hiroshima Day - join the memorial event on 6 Aug and give peace a chance

 Aberdeen will commemorate Hiroshima Day,  on 6th August from 2-4pm outside Marischal College. 

All ATUC affiliates, delegates, families and friends are invited to attend.

Click here for the Facebook event

Organised by CND North East, the event is entitled "Give Peace a Chance".

Hiroshima Day is observed yearly on August 6 in memory of the fateful day and of those who lost their lives. It is also held to promote peace politics against war.

Monday, 1 August 2022

ATUC - standing in solidarity with striking workers

 Aberdeen Trades Union Council (ATUC) has continued to show solidarity with our colleagues in RMT and the CWU in their strikes for fair pay and safe working conditions.

The ATUC banner has been on every picket line in Aberdeen, standing alongside our striking comrades in RMT and CWU. 

With thanks to those ATUC delegates out on the picket line on behalf of every delegate to ATUC. 

Also see ATUC delegate and Unite retired member Tommy Campbell speaking to the media and making the case for strike action and better pay for all workers.

We stand in solidarity with you all.