Friday 11 September 2020

Please sign petition calling for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade on the people of Gaza

Aberdeen Trades Union Council continues its support for freedom and justice for Palestine by calling on all delegates, associaltes, families and friends to sign the petiton calling for an end to the long-standing blockade of Gaza by the government of Israel. 

The Gaza Strip has been under siege from Israel since 2007.  The impact of this siege, coupled with intermittent bombardments, has already had a disastrous impact on the physical and mental health of Palestinians in Gaza, as well as devastating the economy.  

In the past weeks this disastrous impact has once again been brought into sharp focus as Gaza has reported its first cases of COVID-19 which has started to spread quickly through refugee camps and communities. 

COVID-19 is uniquely threatening to the people of Gaza. The 1.8 million Palestinians cannot safely self-isolate – there simply isn't space – and no one can leave the region.

On top of that, Israel has not allowed sufficient medical supplies, including tests, to enter. It's a catastrophe waiting to happen.

After 13 years of conflict and blockade, Palestinians in Gaza face a severe shortage of resources and medical personnel. Health officials warn that containment and treatment under the Israeli blockade will be nearly impossible.

Together we are demanding that Parliament call on Israel to end the blockade NOW, before more life is needlessly lost.

The people of Gaza have for too long been abandoned by the international community, and the UK has a particular responsibility to act.  This petition calls on the UK government to confirm to us that they will show leadership and stand in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.