Thursday 23 May 2019

The Future of the North East economy – we need your views - please complete a survey

The STUC will be holding a themed focus groups in Aberdeen on 27th May as part of their research into the Aberdeen/Shire economy. 

The date and venue for the focus group is
Monday 27th May
6-8pm:  Public Sector Workers
Unite Offices, 42-44 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5TJ

Other focus groups have been CANCELLED but may be rearranged for later in June

All citizens are welcome to participate, including pensioners and trade union retired members.

If you would like to attend the public sector session, or would be interested in attending future sessions, please contact Sarah Collins: 

Meantime you can take part by doing a survey at

Please do go on and complete the survey. It will help the research immensely. 

Friday 17 May 2019

ATUC urges affiliates to attend Grampian Pride on 25th May

Aberdeen Trades Union Council urges all affiliates and their families to join the second annual Grampian Pride parade on the 25th May 2019 in Aberdeen.

The parade will head down Union Street from Albyn Place at 10:30am and end at the Castlegate, where there will be entertainment.

Most of our Trade Union affiliates locally are actively involved in supporting Grampian Pride, and the struggle for LGBT+ rights both here and around the world.

Sasha Brydon, ATUC President said "Grampian Pride was such an excellent and vibrant event last year, with many community groups and unions taking part, and we hope to see an even greater turnout this year."

Fiona Napier, ATUC Secretary said "The TUC have just released the results of their first major study into LGBT+ sexual harassment at work in the UK, and the findings are shocking, with 68% reporting experiencing harassment in the workplace.

"This just demonstrates why events such as Pride are necessary to challenge such prejudice and stand in solidarity with our LGBT+ community."

For more information go to the Grampian Pride website.

Thursday 9 May 2019

May day rally calls for protection of hard won equality and human rights

The May Day rally had a focus on equalities as speakers recognised that austerity and injustice hits hardest the very people who already suffer discrimination because of difference, be it in this country or across the world.

ATUC President, Sasha Brydon chaired the rally and opened with a call for justice which must be fought for every day, not just on the 1st May.
"We must resolutely reject attacks on our very humanity by governments and capitalists both at home and abroad," said Sasha.

Monday 6 May 2019

Kevin Hutchens pays May Day tribute to "Super Tommy" Campbell

Kevin Hutchens
ATUC consultative member, Kevin Hutchens spoke on behalf of Aberdeen Trades Union Council at the May Day Rally.

He began by paying tribute in a humorous poem, to long term Unite Regional Officer and ATUC stalwart as he heads into retirement at the end of May.

Kevin said, “Some of you will know that Tommy Campbell is retiring as a full time union officer this month, what you may not know is that the toffs have heard about this and are thinking of celebrating.

“So imagine the scene as they start to celebrate;-

"Let’s get out the champers, Tommy Campbell no longer a threat, bring out the staff tips we've requisitioned for the good of our good company, namely ourselves wott,wott, and let’s get a new roller.

Let’s deduct for uniforms and take wages below the national minimum wage and reward ourselves with a jolly good bonus ,wott,wott. After all us poor little rich people have had it really difficult with TC keeping an eye on us. Now’s the time to celebrate ".

But all of a sudden, a sound like a rocket fills the air. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it’s Super Tommy in his new role as a retired Unite delegate to Aberdeen TUC, acting as an ambassador for workers’ rights, sweeping through the air.

ATUC President's inspiring words for the May Day Rally

Sasha Brydon
Sasha Brydon, President of the Aberdeen Trades Union Council, chaired the May Day rally on Saturday 4th May in Aberdeen. He opened proceedings with the following words:


There was an article in the May 1st edition of the Morning Star which read: “May Day is the day to restate the cause for justice.” This can be summed up simply as, justice for our class. Justice which must be fought for every day, not just on the 1st of May.

We must resolutely reject attacks on our very humanity by governments and capitalists both at home and abroad. At home we have seen the introduction of the disgraceful system of Universal Credit, we have seen further privatisation of our health service, and we have seen attacks on pay toward public sector workers who are doing more and more work with fewer resources. Especially in Aberdeen, as we have seen with the cutting of 329 full-time-equivalent staff from the local authority.

Internationally we have seen the governments of Viktor Orban in Hungary, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Donald Trump in the United States ruthlessly attack the rights of their working people and prop up reactionary regimes across the world.

We stand here, hand in hand with the working people of the world to reaffirm our rights against faceless reaction. We stand with those resisting imperialism wherever it can be found; be it Cuba, Korea, Venezuela, Syria or Palestine. Only the people of a country can determine the course of that country, no outside force can determine it for them.

I will conclude by calling upon you to challenge those who oppose progress. We must remind them with our collective voice that we could destroy the ivory towers they sit on. We have unmatched power; we must use it to change the world."

Saturday 4 May 2019

Poems for May Day from Tommy Campbell

At the May Day Rally, Unite's Tommy Campbell read two moving poems which highlighted the plight of workers throughout history and the power we have when we stand together and fight in solidarity.

The first poem was by Joe Hill, a Swedish-Americal labour activist and song-writer who was executed in 1915 after a controversial trail. He is now memorialised in songs and has inspired books and poetry.

Upbeat May Day march against austerity and for workers' rights defies the bracing weather

Saturday 4th May saw an excellent May Day March and rally in Aberdeen, as trade unionists, community activists, families, friends and dogs, joined the ATUC organised event to commemorate international workers' day.

Although it was bracing weather for May, the upbeat rhythms of the Guarana Drummers kept spirits high, and the banners and flags made a colourful spectacle against the sleet gray sky. Passers-by, as always, stopped to watch and wave as the march snaked down Union Street.

The rally was moved from a cold, wet and windy Castlegate to the warmth of the Parkville Social Centre where marchers were treated to welcome and warming home made soup and great speeches calling for workers across the world to unite and defend hard won rights and equalities.

Click here to see more photos on Facebook

Report of the rally and speakers to follow

Thursday 2 May 2019

Off to work - a moving poem by Graeme Farquhar for Workers' Memorial Day

Graeme reads his poem to a hushed crowd
A moving poem written by Graeme Farquhar, Unite and read by him at the International Workers' Memorial Day service on 28th April 2019, it highlights the causes and impact on their families of those who are killed doing their job.

"Off to work he kisses his wife’s cheek

Goodbye Linda see you at the end of the week

Working on a building site 200 miles from home

Blacklisted by employers George will always moan

A good trade union member he has always been

Always ready to report a bad health and safety scene

No greedy profit on site with safety reps being there

The poor employers their pockets would be bare

So don’t give George a job on site

And employers’ profits will always be right

On Friday morning he is thinking of not being alone

Another seven hours and he will be heading home

George’s mobile sparks to life

A phone call from Linda his darling  wife

Congratulations George you have just become a granda

Remember on the way home to pick up that toy panda