The 2016 STUC Congress was held in Dundee from 18-20 April

ATUC delegates to the Congress were:

Kate Ramsden
Kevin Hutchens
Scott Sutherland

The report from Congress is below

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Making a difference – ATUC delegates speak out at the STUC Congress
Aberdeen Trades Unions Council delegates were in action once again at the 2016 STUC Congress in Dundee. Kate Ramsden, Kevin Hutchens and Scott Sutherland attended to represent the ATUC and spoke to the ATUC’s three motions. The ATUC Annual Report was circulated as always to all delegates and very warmly received.

Reverse the madness of HMRC closures
Kate Ramsden
Kate Ramsden seconded a PCS led composite which included ATUC’s motion against HMRC office closures. The STUC backed a wide-ranging campaign to overturn these closure plans as part of its clear opposition to the blatant Tory austerity led agenda that underpins them.

Kate told Congress of the devastating impact that the closures will have and warned that as jobs are lost from Scottish local communities so does thousands of years of tax experience that will take decades to replace in the regional centres.

She called on delegates to do all they can to “reverse this madness” and campaign to overturn the closures before they begin.

Kevin Hutchens
For humanity’s sake
Congress also supported a call from Aberdeen Trades Union Council amongst others to support refugees and those seeking asylum is Scotland, and called for the UK and Scottish Government to welcome more refugees than currently planned.

Speaking on behalf of the ATUC, Kevin Hutchens focussed on the plight of refugees stranded on the borders of Europe. He told delegates that what is shown on TV is only a small part of the human tragedy that is taking place daily.

“Passing this composite helps create acceptance in Scotland,” said Kevin, telling delegates that they must do this for the sake of all the dispossessed across the world.

“Humanity demands nothing less!” 

Kate Ramsden
Arms to Renewables is a win-win
Aberdeen and Dundee Trades Union Councils agreed to remit their composited motion on Arms to Renewables to the General Council, after they committed to develop a credible, coherent and fully costed plan for an effective and Just Transition from arms industry jobs, including Trident renewal, to alternative occupations.

Agreeing to remit, Kate Ramsden condemned the arms trade in the UK which wreaks havoc on the lives of ordinary people – men, women and children, bombed or gunned down by weapons that we make in this country.

“We must campaign to end an arms trade which creates such death and destruction to so many innocent civilians and children and at the same time promote renewable forms of energy that tackle climate change, cut emissions and offer a more positive future.

“Arms to renewable is a win-win – protecting jobs and livelihoods at the same time as protecting the climate and those suffering war and oppression.”

All three delegates thoroughly enjoyed their experience at Congress and would like to thank the ATUC for the opportunity to attend.