Tuesday 11 February 2014

Aberdeen Trades Union Council disgust at loss of 999 service provision.

In a press release issued today, Aberdeen Trades Union Council has expressed its disgust at the total lack of public consultation regarding the proposed closure of the control centre at the local Queens Street Headquarters of Police Scotland.

The Trades Union Council will also be sending an emergency resolution to the STUC

Kevin Hutchens, Unite Delegate and Executive Committee member of Aberdeen TUC stated, "Aberdeen TUC is disgusted and appalled at the total lack of consultation with the public and the wider trade union movement over the proposed closure of this vital service.

"Surely it must be understood that the public and the Trade Unions that we represent from across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire will have concerns about the implications for public safety of this proposed closure.
Kevin Hutchens
"When public service workers, for example, dial 999 they do not want to have problems explaining the exact location of a crime to people who will have no local knowledge or understanding.They want the added assurance that a local Police control centre will ensure the speediest and most reliable response takes place"

Kevin added, "I understand that when this was considered by Police Scotland it was argued by some that the issues concerned were too complex to be understood.
"Aberdeen Trades Union Council does not accept that point of view and finds it insulting to the general public and the Trade Unions who represent the staff. 
"We are  very aware that when life or property is under threat from crime, the people of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire will be looking for the speediest possible response that a local control room helps guarantee.

"Aberdeen TUC will therefore be writing to Police Scotland urging the urgent reconsideration of this proposal in order to ensure that there is full consultation with the public and all local Trade Unions.
"An emergency resolution is also being sent to the STUC Annual Congress in view of the wider implications of this move if the closure goes ahead.
"Today it is a control centre in Aberdeen, tomorrow it could be wider changes that have implications for Policing across Scotland "

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