Thursday 23 October 2014

Thousands march for social justice

Trade unionists from the Aberdeen Trade Union Council  were amongst thousands of trade unionists and anti-poverty campaigners in Glasgow on Saturday 18th October to demand a just Scotland with decent work and decent pay, and an end to austerity, child poverty and foodbanks.

Hundreds of banners and balloons made a colourful display as the march made its way from Glasgow Green to George Square. At the same time tens of thousands marched in London and in Belfast to make the same demands and to call for decent wages and an end to the low wage economy created by this Condem Government.

In Glasgow, the assembled marchers heard from a range of speakers calling for an end to attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable in our country whilst the richest continue to amass huge wealth which could clear the deficit many times over.

Kate Ramsden, ATUC Vice President said, "The speakers told harrowing stories of the effects of the Government cuts on the most vulnerable; people with disabilities whose benefits have been cut and who can't get into work; the one in three children growing up in poverty, most of whom have parents in work - a new generation of working poor, on part-time, zero hours or self employed contracts; the young people who can't find work, the first generation whose prospects will be poorer than their parents.

"However they also reminded us how powerful we can be if we work together for a more equal society. The money is there - we know that. It's just in the wrong hands and that needs to change."