Tuesday 23 June 2015

Aberdeen Trades Union Council delegates join 5000 to protest Tory cuts at Scotland United Against Austerity

#ScotlandAgainstAusterity Around 30 members of the ATUC and affiliate organisations joined over 5000 people at the anti-austerity rally in George Square, Glasgow on Saturday 20th June. Many had boarded the free bus from Aberdeen and our thanks go to the ATUC, Unite, UNISON Aberdeen City and UNISON Aberdeenshire for meeting the cost.
Over 5000 gather to demand an end to austerity
Trade unions, political parties and community groups brought their banners and placards in a colourful display, all with one message. End austerity - it only benefits the rich.

They were part of a day of demonstrations against austerity with almost 250,000 thronging the streets of London to give the same message to this Tory Government. Austerity doesn't work and austerity hits the poorest and most vulnerable hardest. End austerity NOW.

Kate Ramsden, Vice President, who attended the rally said, "With inspiring speeches, great music and even some sunshine, it was a great event.
"However, with the news of huge cuts in many of Scotland's councils, this can only be the beginning of the fightback against the vicious policies of this Tory government, which make no sense for the economy but are based on an ideology that hates public services and is only interested in furthering the interests of the rich at the expense of the rest of us. The hard work starts now.

"It is despicable that they richest 1000 in this country have doubled their wealth while more and more of our children grow up in poverty and families rely on foodbanks to survive.

"We have become the most unequal country in the EU. The money is there - it's just in the wrong hands."