Wednesday 19 August 2015

SPSC Public Meeting - Time for change: Boycott & Isolate Apartheid Israel

Please come along to the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign public meeting this Thursday 18 Aug 2015 at 7.30pm in the Unite Offices, 42-44 King Street, AB24 5TJ, when SPSC Chair Sofiah McLeod will be discussing ‘where now?’ for BDS in Scotland.

SPSC Aberdeen member Fiona Napier said, "We are in a time of great political upheaval in Scotland – how do we ensure Palestinian rights stay high on the agenda, and how do we build on our successes? And how do we counter Israel's ever more aggressive efforts to counter BDS‏?

"The Scotsman recently revealed that Hillary Clinton personally intervened in 2009 after filmmaker Ken Loach joined forces with SPSC to successfully pressure the Edinburgh International Film Festival to sever its links with the Israeli state. Anyone who thinks that each small BDS success goes unnoticed and makes no difference should take heart from that revelation - BDS is having an impact, in Scotland and worldwide!

"The Scottish Government has supported an arms embargo against Israel since the 2014 Gaza massacre (calls that have gone unheeded by the UK government which has now ended all restrictions on licensing arms sales).
"The STUC and four Scottish councils have a policy of boycott of Israel until it concedes Palestinian human rights.
"But we need to push further. Arms factories in Scotland continue to produce weapons components which were used in the attacks on Gaza, and continue to be used on Palestinians. Millions of pounds are invested by Scottish local council pension schemes in arms companies supplying the Israeli Occupation Forces. Surveillance technology developed by NICE Systems (linked to Israel’s military) is being used by Glasgow City Council."

Please come along and hear Sofiah speak.