Sunday 16 October 2016

Sign Hope not Hate's petition to keep nazi band out of Scotland

UPDATE: The concert was cancelled after huge outcry of protest against it taking place.

We have just heard that on Saturday 22nd October over 500 nazis will descend on a club in Falkirk to hear America’s most notorious white power band, Bound for Glory. It is scheduled to begin at 2pm and last till 10pm.

This has been changed from the original plan to hold the gig in Edinburgh.
This will be the largest white power concert ever to take place in Scotland. Coming only a month after police ‘allowed’ an Ian Stuart Donaldson gig in Cambridgeshire, attended by over 600 skinheads, it reflects a resurgence in interest in nazi music in the UK.

But we can stop this.

HOPE not hate is calling on the Home Secretary to refuse the band members entry to UK and for the Scottish Government to ban the gig.
Please also write to your local MP and ask them to intervene.
Bound for Glory (BFG) is the world’s leading white power band. The band members have a long history in the neo-Nazi movement, including active involvement with the two most notorious and hardline nazi networks, Hammerskins Nation and Blood and Honour. 
BFG is dedicated to spreading its message of hate message overseas – after a previous attempt to play in the UK failed during the 1990s, the leader singer blamed a ‘Jewish-controlled government’.
The band boasts: “All our music has a racial theme that is 100% White”.
Stop these haters from playing in Scotland. Please sign the petiton to Home Secretary, Amber Rudd and write to your MP.