Wednesday 7 March 2018

STUC General Council to join Aberdeen TUC in 150th Anniversary celebration and launch new research project into the Aberdeen Economy

Grahame Smith
On Wednesday 7th March, the STUC General Council will convene in Aberdeen City Chambers for a special meeting to mark the 150th Anniversary of Aberdeen TUC.

At a special meeting with Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire trade unionists at 1.30pm in the City Chambers, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith will launch a new research project into the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire economy.

 Grahame Smith said,

 “Trade unions continue to play a vital role in Aberdeen and the Aberdeen TUC has a proud history of standing up for workers in the area.  It is an enormous pleasure to come to Aberdeen along with trade union leaders from across Scotland to mark the historic anniversary.

“Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire economy is of vital importance to the Scottish economy. Yet in recent years it has seen significant changes. The fall in oil and gas prices has led to a loss of offshore jobs and a change in the composition of the workforce. Significant investment in capital infrastructure projects has led to a boost in the construction workforce, although with large-scale infrastructure projects coming to an end this is likely to change further.  

"This research will look at the changing nature of the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire economy, particularly within the energy, construction and public service sectors.”

Kevin Hutchens
 Aberdeen TUC joint-president Kevin Hutchens said:

 "Aberdeen Trade Union Council welcomes the research on the changing economy of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. It has become clear in recent years  that the economy of the area cannot depend on a flourishing oil and gas sector, nevertheless it will continue to be a key driver for many years to come.

"However the needs of the poor and the dispossessed should not be ignored when the higher cost of living is taken into account. You just have to look at the increase in the number of beggars on the streets of Aberdeen to realise poverty is a fact of life for many in this beautiful area.

"What Aberdeen TUC is increasingly finding is that many people are struggling financially in Aberdeen, and that even in a powerhouse of the economy, poverty is a fact of life. We look forward to engaging in this research and working for a sustainable future for the area”