Sunday 25 October 2020

Please sign the petition calling on the Tory government to extend free school meals so children don't go hungry

Aberdeen Trades union Council is outraged that the UK Tory government has voted down a Labour proposal to extend free school meals to the school holidays.

We are urging all our delegates, associates, friends and families to sign this petition calling for an extension of free school meals into the school holidays.

The situation in Scotland is different but we want to raise our voice for children across the UK. It is a disgrace that children are starving in the sixth richest country in the world. The money is there - it is just the political will that is missing.

As the petiton states, children have a basic human right to have access to food. Denying them free school meals denies them this right. 

There are too many children going hungry. The Government's vote condemns children on free school meals to starve over the holidays. 

In the middle of a global pandemic where many families are on an even more reduced income, where many have lost their livelihoods, parents are working flat out to do everything in their power to feed their children and they are still not managing it. 

To make a child suffer for the shortcomings of our society is completely wrong. Taking away free school meals in the holidays, when these children need it the most is abhorrent.