Sunday 22 November 2020

Please join the ATUC St Andrew's Day anti-racism and anti-fascism rally on 28th Nov and stand up for equality and fairness

 Aberdeen Trade Union Council will be hosting our St Andrew's Day anti-racism and anti-fascism rally online on Saturday 28th November at 12.15pm and we encourage all our delegates, associates, friends and family to join us.

 We have an excellent line-up of local speakers as well as some poetry and music, and it promises to be an entertaining and also inspiring event.

To see more details and to join the event go to the ATUC Facebook event.

The event takes place right after the STUC's online event so why not join both?

Acting President, Graeme Farquhar said, "It has never been more important to stand up against all forms of discrimination. We have seen during the pandemic the disproportionate impact on our Black and ethnic minority workers as well as on other equality groups.

"We have seen the rise of the Black Lives Matters movement and the powerful calls for an end to systemic and structural racism. To make this a reality we must confront our racist past and our involvement in colonisation and slavery. And we must include an honest account of this history in our children's curriculum if we are to learn the lessons from it."

ATUC Secretary Kathleen Kennedy added, ""We must continue to stand against oppression, persecution and apartheid across the world and reaffirm both our solidarity with those communities and also our pledges to highlight and oppose the actions of any country which adds to their oppression and vulnerability.

"And we must do all we can to end discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation as we face the challenges of moving out of the Covid pandemic."