Wednesday 6 January 2021

ATUC backs "People before profit" movement to demand that workers don't pay for Covid crisis

ATUC has voted overwhelmingly to support the aims and demands of "People before profit", a movement that has grown up in response to the Covid pandemic calling for an emergency programme for jobs, services and safety.

It notes that tens of thousands have unnecessarily died from the Covid pandemic thanks to a government that was ill prepared and put profit ahead of people’s safety. 

Now, alongside a Covid pandemic that is far from over, we face an avalanche of job losses, more austerity and more attacks on pay and conditions. "People before profit" is calling for a fightback across workplaces and communities to demand that ordinary people won’t pay for the crisis. 

"People before profit" has made the following demands of the UK government:

  • extend the furlough scheme - defend jobs
  •  guarantee safe workplaces
  • tax the wealthy - don't make the workers pay for the crisis
  • public ownership of services and end outsourcing
  • an immediate massive programme of green investment
  • a welfare system that provides real social security and dignity

The campaign has the support of many unions, activists and politicians including John McDonnell, Neil Findlay and Robin McAlpine.

An ATUC working group, led by ATUC delegate, Gerry McCabe, will look at how best ATUC and it's affiliates and associated organisations can take forward the demands of "People before profit" in the North East of Scotland.