Thursday 10 April 2014

Successful Festival of Politics gives Citizen-Eye-View of Scotland’s future

Aberdeen’s first Festival of Politics was described by organisers and those taking part as “incredibly successful”, giving a Citizen-Eye-View of Scotland's future after the Referendum vote in September of this year.

Thanking all those involved for their hard work during the week-long Festival, organiser, Renee Slater said, “I'm sure everyone will agree that whatever the outcome of the referendum, Scotland will certainly be a very different place. The Festival provided a great opportunity for the people of the North East to get involved in the debate”

However, she criticised the refusal of the press to cover the Festival. “It seems they will only talk to politicians and a unique event organised by ordinary people didn't merit a column inch in most of the local media. This is a real shame”

Renee gave a “BIG THANK YOU to the ATUC, OILC-RMT, UNITE ABERDEEN, UNISON Aberdeen City branch, and UNISON Aberdeenshire for their support and funding, without which much of the festival couldn't have happened."

Organiser Renee Slater
Describing the various elements of the Festival, Renee said, “The Big Debate & the Economics Debate brought a real insight about how we felt about our future and how seriously we take our responsibility.

“The fringe meetings were also magnificent forums for debate and showed the breadth of healthy political discussion across Aberdeen and the rest of Scotland.

“And who can forget the great Drama of the Townsend Production presentation at the Blue Lamp of 'We Will Be Free', the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. And the marvellous showing of 'The Happy Lands' a film of the struggle of Fife miners during the 1926 General Strike at The Belmont Picture house ?

“The artwork from the children that was displayed at the Big Debate gave many of us joy and a great deal of thought.

“Finally the comedy of Rosie Kane at the Folk Music night at The Prince Of Wales & the Electro Music Night at the Tunnels allowed us to involve a greater number of people in the debate.”

Renee called on all those who organised fringe meetings and the other big events to write a review of their event. She would also like to hear from anyone who contributed to the debates and would like to have an input.

These comments will go into the final report on the Festival of Politics website - along with photos and film.

Renee said, “We will be looking at next year's event soon so if you have ideas and/or wish to be involved please get in touch.

“Again I really want to thank everyone who was involved in this incredibly successful event & hope you gained something positive from it.”