Sunday 3 August 2014

Aberdeen stands against the "barbaric and inhumane" tactics of Israel as the death toll in Gaza rises with almost 400 children killed

In a week which has seen the death toll in Gaza rise to 1712 including 398 children,  the people of Aberdeen stood once again with the people of Gaza as, for the fifth week in a row, hundreds turned out to the protest in St Nicholas Square on Saturday 2nd Aug, to show their outrage at Israel's assault on ordinary civilians.

Brian Carroll of the ATUC said, "This was another great turnout and event. New faces, new speakers but very importantly, the same message.

"Israel - STOP the Illegal Occupation, STOP the Genocide, STOP the Indiscriminate Killing and STOP the Blockade.

"Who are the terrorists ? Not those trying to survive an overwhelming onslaught of military power from land, sea and air. Not the ordinary civilians, including women and children, killed, injured and made homeless. No, these are people just like you and me.

"The Israeli tactics and attacks are utterly barbaric and inhumane," said Brian, following a week in which a UN school, which should have been a safe refuge was bombed by Israel.

"As UNITED NATIONS Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, “Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children". And to quote from the Guardian, "The world stands disgraced."”


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Thanks once again to Renee Slater for the excellent photos.