Thursday 19 March 2015

Take Action on Saturday the 28th of March - Keep up the pressure against Barclays Bank's support for Israeli war crimes

Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (SPSC)Aberdeen is calling on all supporters to keep up the pressure against Barclays Bank, following the success of previous protests by campaign groups including SPSC Aberdeen, which led to Barclays selling its shares in Elbit systems, the Israeli company which supplied the drones used in last summer's attacks on Gaza. 

The next protest will be held on Saturday 28th March. Please come along and tell Barclays to end its investment in Raytheon and stop profiting from Israeli war crimes once and for all. Assemble in St.Nicholas Square at 12 noon.

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Ally Coutts of SPSC said, "We are delighted that as a result of our action and many other protests around the country, Barclays Bank has sold its shares in Elbit systems. However, the bank still holds almost $35 million worth of shares in Raytheon. This is the company which provided the technology for the bombs used by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

"Two thousand one hundred and fifty Palestinians in Gaza were killed during last year's bombardment, including over 500 children."

From Glenrothes to Gaza

Ally added, "Raytheon, the company which makes the missile guidance systems is based here in Scotland. This is what Barclays is investing your money in.

"In the 1980s Barclays gave in to pressure and stopped investing in Apartheid South Africa. Let's keep the pressure up.

"Tell them to end their investment in Raytheon and stop profiting from Israeli apartheid."