Monday 16 March 2015

Come along to the lobby of the Scottish Liberals in Aberdeen on 20th March and tell them that austerity has not worked.

The STUC has organised a leaflet and lobby of the Scottish Liberal Party Conference on Friday 20th March 2015 at Aberdeen International Conference Centre between 12noon and 1pm. The lobby will call for decent work and dignifies lives as part of a just Scotland and will challenge the austerity measures that the UK Government, of which the Lib Dems are a part, has put in place.

Kate Ramsden, Vice President of the ATUC said, "We are encouraging our delegates, associates and affiliated unions to join this very important lobby. We said from the start that austerity would not work. That it would hit the poorest hardest while those that caused the financial crisis, the bankers and the fat cats would carry on business and bonuses as usual. And we were right.

"That inequality would increase, that more children would grow up in poverty with their parents reliant on food banks to survive. And we were right.

"That the Government's policies would create a low wage economy that would reduce tax receipts and cut the money people had to spend in their local shops and businesses and that as a result the economic recovery would be much much slower. And we were right.

"We need to tell the Lib Dems that they have let down workers and created poverty and hardship for many people whilst the rich cream it in adding to their already enormous wealth.

"Please come along and hold the Lib Dems accountable for their actions in Government."