Friday 1 May 2015

Greetings of solidarity from Aberdeen Trades Union Council on this International Workers’ Day

A statement from Tommy Campbell, Unite, reproduced on behalf of the ATUC

Long may the struggle continue  for  a better life for all workers as we resist the rise of the far right ideology that only serves the bosses interests.

Our class’s history has a lot to teach us about the roots of our socialist  radicalism and militant trade unionism.

When we remember that people were shot dead so we could have the 8-hour day

When we recall that Trade Unionists around the world along with child victims of industrial accidents who have marched in the streets protesting against their working conditions and against the use of child labour only to be beaten down by the police, army and company hired thugs.

When recall the many thousands of Trade Unionists, Community Activists and radical campaigners murdered every year in other countries around the world for no other reason but for standing up and fighting for their democratic rights.

 We understand that here in Scotland our current situation cannot be taken for granted – people fought for the limited democratic rights and dignities we enjoy today, and there is still a lot more to fight for.

The sacrifices of so many people cannot be forgotten or we’ll end up fighting for those same gains all over again.

This is why we celebrate International Workers’ Day. And that is why we hope to see you all at the May Day March and Rally on Sat 2nd May to continue the struggle for social justice and equality.


Tommy Campbell

Unite Regional Officer

Aberdeen Trades Union Council