Saturday 5 September 2015

ATUC pledges support for refugees

In keeping with our commitment to international solidarity, delegates attending the ATUC meeting on 2nd September pledged support for refugees fleeing war torn countries like Syria and condemned the uncaring approach of this Tory Government.

The ATUC is calling on all delegates, associates and affiliated trade unions to do what they can to support the local group Aberdeen Solidarity with Refugees which has been collecting donations of clothes, bedding and other essentials to take to Calais.

Kate Ramsden, Vice President said, "This came after the very distressing images from the past few weeks of desperate people fleeing for their lives as this Tory Government looks on, refusing to act.

"These refugees leave their countries to save themselves and the lives of their children, and have endured unimagineable hardship, only for many of them to be met by walls and fences.

"We know that our members will want us to do what we can to support these refugees and will also help out in any way they can too.

"Councils around the country have also pledged to take in refugees and if Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Council join them we will support in any way that we can."