Saturday 7 November 2015

Come to the St Andrew's Day March and Rally on 28th November and give a clear message - Refugees are welcome here

This year's St Andrew's Day March and Rally will be held in Aberdeen on Saturday 28th November - gather at 11am in the St Nicholas Churchyard, Union Street and march off at 11.30am to a rally in the Castlegate.

The annual event has been organised by Aberdeen Trade Union Council with a theme of "Refugees Welcome Here". This important message reflects the theme of the STUC March and Rally which will take place in Glasgow at the same time.

All affiliated unions, community and faith groups and politicians are urged to attend to give out a clear message that Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire welcome refugees, value what they bring to our communities and feel enriched by their presence.

There will be speakers from a range of community and faith groups as well from trade unionists and politicians.

ATUC President Kate Ramsden said, "Aberdeen has a very proud history of fighting fascism here and across the world and of welcoming people from other nations into our communities in the city and beyond.

"When local people saw the terrible plight of the refugees in Calais and across Europe they rallied to provide support. Both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire councils have called on the UK Government to extend offers of asylum to many more refugees fleeing war and oppression in Syria and have pledged to take refugees into our communities.

"Yet still thousands of desperate people are fleeing war, oppression, and hunger, risking their lives on a hazardous journey. Many, including children, have lost their lives en route. But for accident of birth they could be our children. They deserve our compassion, but more importantly our support.

"When we see that there are more citizens stranded in Sharm el Sheikh than the number of refugees  the government is promising to take in between now and 2020 we see how paltry their offer of support is - how devoid of compassion.

"We must make it clear that this Tory government does not speak for us. There was never a more important time to stand up and be counted. Please come along and support this important march and rally and give a clear message that racism and fascism have no home in the North East of Scotland!"