Wednesday 29 June 2016

Statement from Aberdeen Trades Union Council (ATUC) in the aftermath of the EU Referendum result

With thanks to Renee Slater for the image

ATUC has been deeply concerned at much of the tone of the EU Referendum debate, which, at its worst has been typified by hatred, vitriol and misinformation which has done a huge disservice to our democracy and values. We deplore the demonisation of migrants and the attempts to undermine the value of immigration to our society which has dominated much of the debate.

Since the vote to leave, we have seen a rise in racist violence, threats and intimidation across the country but also in Scotland and in the North East. We condemn this entirely. We wish to make it clear that the ATUC rejects racism in all its ugly forms and will oppose all those who fuel it.

In the North East of Scotland we have a proud history of welcoming those fleeing oppression, violence and poverty and the ATUC will continue to support immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.