Sunday 31 July 2016

Local trade unionists gear up to take Unions into Schools

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Ten trade unionists from four unions six local union branches attended the STUC's Unions into Schools Training in Aberdeen on Saturday 30th July.

Tutored by Terry Anderson, the lively ATUC organised training session equipped the activists to go into schools and provide training on such trade union issues as employment rights and equality in the workplace.

Branch chair, Kate Ramsden said, "It was an excellent session which looked at the background to the STUC's Unions into Schools programme and the many successes it has had in terms of informing young people about the benefits of trade unionism and encouraging their participation.

"The STUC materials are up to date and relevant and we are all looking forward to getting involved in providing this input to local schools.

"With huge thanks to Laura McDonald for organising the event, to Brian Carroll for the venue and to Terry Anderson for his excellent tutoring. Thanks also to Pauline Walker at the STUC for facilitating the programme."

Click here to find out more on the STUC Unions into Schools webpage