Saturday 18 March 2017

ATUC marches against racism

Aberdeen Trades Union Council joined more than 3000 activists and trade unionists on the March Against Racism in Glasgow today (Sat 18 March).

Led by co-president Tyrinne Rutherford and joint secretaries, John Connon and Gerry McCabe, the ATUC banner and delegation took their place towards the front of the March as it snaked its way through Glasgow streets.

The marchers were noisy and good natured as they called for an end to racism and xenophobia, no deportations and no walls, and made it clear that refugees are welcome here. Shoppers stopped to watch the lively procession and even a few drops of rain couldn't dampen the marchers spirits and determination to fight racism and xenophobia in Scotland, the UK and across the world.

Steve Gray and Kate Ramsden were also amongst the marchers, adding their voices to the struggle for equality and social justice for all.

ATUC joins other Trades Union Councils
There were inspiring speeches including from Helen Connor, STUC President, from UNISON's Davena Rankin, from Richard Falk ex-UN Rapporteur on Palestine, and from Glasgow girls Emma and Amal amongst others.

They all had the same messages.

"We will not tolerate racism and fascism."

"We will welcome refugees and asylum seekers."

"Love has no borders."