Monday 2 April 2018

Please come on Saturday 7th April and protest the Land Day Massacre in Gaza

We are urging all our delegates, associates, supporters and their friends and families to join a protest  this Saturday 7th April 1pm to 3pm  in St Nicholas Square, Aberdeen to show your solidarity with the people of Gaza who have been victims of yet another shocking carnage perpetrated by the State of Israel. 

Seventeen Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip on Friday as Israel used massive violence against tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators who had gathered along the Gaza-Israel boundary to demand dignity, justice and freedom.
Nearly 1,500 were injured, nearly half by the Israeli soldiers shooting  live bullets at the peaceful demonstrators.
Twenty Palestinians are said to be in critical condition.
One of those killed on Friday was farmer Omar Wahid Samour, 26, who died when Israeli forces fired artillery shells at him while he was on his land, more than 700 meters from the boundary fence, in southern Gaza.
Two million people living in Gaza have been victim of a brutal siege and serial bombardments since 2006 leading to sustained devastating effects on the population including shortages of medical supplies, electricity and fuel.
Despite the outrage of the international community at this appalling situation, Israel continues its policy of human right abuses with impunity.
Sign the petition calling our Government to condemn Israel’s actions aimed deliberately at unarmed civilians and to take the necessary steps to get the UN to agree actions to end the 12-year long siege of Gaza.
Join us this  Saturday 7th April at 1pm to 3pm in St Nicholas Square, Aberdeen   to express outrage at the extra judicial killings in response to a democratic protest against an illegal siege and occupation. Join us to demand dignity, justice and freedom for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.
Speakers already confirmed are - Jonathan Russell (CND), Kate Ramsden (UNISON and ATUC Executive Committee), a Representative  from the Palestine Student Society,  Tyrine Rutherford (Unite  and ATUC delegate)

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’ Desmond Tutu