Sunday 22 April 2018

An introduction to economics for trade union and community activists - 9 May 2018 at 7pm

As part of its 150th Anniversary celebrations, Aberdeen Trades Union Council is supporting aseries of  talks aimed at demystifying economics. 

The first is to be held on 9 May at Aberdeen Trade Union Council, 22a Adelphi, Aberdeen.   It will be presented by Keith Paterson, Phd student at Aberdeen University and long-time trade unionist and political activist.

Please get along if you can and circulate details widely to union branches, contacts and activists. 
Drawing on the concepts of Marx, Keynes and contemporary radical economists, these talks aim to provide a critical introduction to a political economy approach to understanding the central dynamics of the economy and provide a framework for understanding how capitalism works and how crises come about.    

For trade union and community activists the aim is to provide a tool kit to question what is presented in the media and by so called experts about economic issues and provide an alternative way of examining the economy.
A major objective is to demystify orthodox economics which has been found wanting yet continues to provide the ideological justification for austerity, cuts and privatisation.

For further information, contact Keith at