Saturday 7 July 2018

ATUC remembers Piper Alpha

As we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster, the thoughts of Aberdeen Trades Union Council are with the families and friends of the 167 people who lost their lives and with those who survived that most terrible and avoidable tragedy.

We echo the words of Unite's Pat Rafferty and his concerns that 30 years on we still have an industry that is driven increasingly by cost reductions, with corners and jobs being cut to save money.

 “We must never forget the lessons of Piper Alpha.

“But 30 years on, we should have learned something and it doesn’t look like offshore employers have.

“The Workers’ Memorial Day has a strapline: remember the dead, fight for the living. We do remember; we will never forget.

“But we must also continue the fight to make sure the industry is as safe as it can possibly be to ensure workers can return home at the end of their shift.”

We pledge, as we do every year at our Workers' Memorial Day service, to continue the fight for proper health and safety regulation and oversight, to make sure that no worker dies or is made ill at their work.

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