Thursday 21 February 2019

STUC survey on mental ill health - please take a few minutes to complete

The STUC launched a survey on mental ill health on 7th February - #timetotalk day – a national day raising awareness about mental ill health.

 “We are all in it together: exploring our personal and collective power around mental health” –  looks at the root causes of mental ill health in work, how to challenge these, and wider societal issues around mental health. 

The survey will be open until 19th May, so please go on and complete it and share widely.

A report of the findings will be prepared for the event in June, ahead of further campaign work on this issue.

Sarah Collins, Policy Officer said, "Trade Unions can provide a space to support people with mental ill health. They are also vital in challenging employers whose workplace cultures create mental ill health"

The STUC equalities committees are holding an event in June (details tbc) on the need to ensure trade union reps, particularly health and safety reps, are at the forefront of designing, implementing and enforcing workplace practices which eradicate mental ill health caused or exacerbated by work.  

This event will look at the findings of the survey.