Wednesday 9 October 2019

Call to action from the Kurdish community to defend against a Turkish invasion in North Syria

Aberdeen Trade Union Council is joining the STUC is supporting action in response to Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from North Eastern Syria, removing support from our Kurdish allies and leaving them exposed to a Turkish invasion and ethnic cleansing.  
Please see the call to action below and do what you can to support them.
Glasgow - Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan has organised a demonstration in solidarity with the Kurds, in response to the call for global action. The demo will take place on Saturday 12th October at 1.30pm at the Buchanan Street steps, Glasgow G1 2NG and is supported by the STUC.
Petition - Please sign the petition to the UK Government and Parliament to defend the Kurds and stop the Turkish military invasion of Northern Syria. At 100,000 signatures the petition will be considered for debate in parliament, so it’s important to share it as widely as you can.
Early Day Motion - We ask that MPs sign the Early Day Motion 2772. Please encourage your MP to support.

See below the call to action from the Kurdish community. Please do what you can to support this action.
دعوة عاجلة للجميع القوى الدميقراطية والإنسانية في بريطانيا و اسكوتلندا
للاحتجاج وتظاهر:
القوات الكردية YPG و YPJ التي انقذت العالم في الهجمة داعش والتي ضحت بحياتها به ١١ الف شهيد و ٢٤ الف جريح من اجل حماية وحرية جميع الأعراق ،
ترامب والآيات المتحد الأمريكية فتحت الطريق امام اردوغان بعد ما سحب قواتها مع حدود التركية ويستعد الهجوم التركية البربري على الشعب الكردي و  لارتكاب جرايم  ضد الشعب الكردي وتغير ديمغرافي  في روجافا و سوريا،
يرجى توحده  معنا قبل فوات الأوان!
الاحتجاج وتظاهر غدا الأربعاء ٩ اكتوبر في تمام ساعة: ١١ صباحاً امام البرلمان اسكوتلندي وبعدها نتوجه الى القنصلية الاميركية في ادنبراه  
وشكرا لكم جميعا.
الجالية الكردية في اسكوتلندا

We keep it very short. Kurdish forces who saved the world from IS barbarism, putting forward their lives for the protection and freedom of all ethnicities have been backstabbed by the US. By withdrawing its troops from the Syrian border, the US has opened the way for Turkey to commit mass genocide against the Kurdish people. Trump is facilitating an ISIS resurgence putting not only Kurdish people but all other ethnicities in Rojava (Northern Syria) under risk of war crimes.

Please unite with us before it is too late. The US has chosen to side with Turkey who has been supporting and funding ISIS since the start of the Syrian civil war.

Kurdish forces YPG and YPJ fought for all of us. Condemn Trump!

Kurdish Community Scotland