Monday 21 February 2022

"Trickle down capitalism isn't working. It's time for a change" Ross Cassie addresses the protest

Ross Cassie
Here, Ross Cassie, SNP councillor and ATUC Consultative member addresses the Cost Of LIving protest.

"This cost-of-living crisis has been in the making for more than a decade now. This is the year it hits.

We must also not forget that the route to this goes back even further. Scotland has not voted for a Tory Government since 1955. That’s 6 years before I was born. All of us are paying for their repugnant policies now.  Well almost all, more of which later.

2010 brought us the Tory Lib Dem coalition and a decade of austerity. Add to that the effects of a hard Brexit brought about by the far-right ideologists that now run the tory party.

Food prices are increasing, and the boss of Tesco’s says we have not seen the worst of it yet.

Ofgem have just announced the price cap on our household energy will increase by 54%. That’s almost £700 per year. No one can absorb that hike in prices given that inflation is running at over 5% and pay awards are generally below that. In effect pay cuts.

There will be further fuel bill rises announced in October on top of what you are being expected to pay from April.

So what has the UK Government offered to help with these fuel bill rises?They offer us a loan. £200 woopy do the cost went up £700. Next year you start to pay back that loan at £40 per year. 

Here’s the sting in the tail. If wholesale energy prices have increased you will pay that increase along with the £40. And will continue to do so for 5 years.

Not such a good deal now is it, if you thought it was a good deal in the first place.

Gove and the person sacked from several jobs for lying stated they could remove VAT from fuel bills if we left the EU. They now refuse to do so. They now refuse to help you.

There is more to come in April.

You all remember the lies on that lovely red bus about all those millions to the EU that could be used for the NHS.

Well, England’s NHS and Health and Social Care needs fixing says the liar occupant of number 10 Downing Street.

That what happens with a decade of austerity.

To fix England’s NHS all  UK earners from April will pay an extra 1.25% in National Insurance. Not just England but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland says the occupants of number 10 and 11. That’s all of you.

So, whilst we all have to pay more for everything and many will have to make that agonising decision of whether to heat the house or feed the family what else do our Tory overlords propose.You guessed it a £4billion tax cut for bankers.

The UK Government has all the fiscal levers at its disposal to help all at this time yet it chooses not to. It will reward the bankers. Those same bankers who led us to the crash and we the taxpayers bailed out.

In 2014 we were told we would be £1400 Better off if we voted to remain in the union.

That is what happened yet today we according to analysis are £2413 worse off.

You can do a lot with that £3813.

Lets go back to the 54% energy bill increase. Imagine your local council putting up your council tax by 54%.

You would rightly be outraged and out on the streets. I would be with you.

At the same time 2 energy companies have in the last few weeks announced profits in excess of £20billion for the year. Westminster will not consider a windfall tax. They wish the shareholders to gorge on their dividends extending their fat bellies whilst those whose sweat created that wealth pay the extra costs.

It is time that those that hoard the wealth, distribute the wealth. All of the Earths commodities belong to all of the people of the Earth and not just a few wealthy self-entitled individuals.

Trickle down capitalism is not working. The Tories are not working for Scotland.

You have a choice in the future. Please chose for us all and the following generations.

It is time for change."