Wednesday 6 July 2022

Aberdeen Trades Union Council remembers Piper Alpha

On the 34th anniversary of the Piper Alpha fatal accident, Aberdeen Trades Union Council remembers the 167 workers who died and pledges to continue our work to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again. 

ATUC President Graeme Farquhar said, "We are calling on all our affiliates and delegates to take a little time to remember those who died 34 years ago.

"We  will always share our thoughts with  the families, work colleagues  and friends of the 167 workers who were tragically killed on 6th July 1988."

Graeme continued  “The UK offshore oil and gas industry is driven  by cost reductions with the sole objective to increase the profits of the offshore oil and gas employers.

"The Trade Unions and offshore workers know full well that the Piper Alpha fatal accident could have been avoided by strict adherence to stringent Health and Safety measures. However the accident happened because of cost-driven decisions to maintain and increase profits."

Graeme warned, "When costs to the employers and profit increases for the shareholders become more important than workers safety then the Piper Alpha fatal accident shows that it's workers and their families who pay the ultimate price."

"Aberdeen Trades Union Council continues to support all the offshore based Trade Unions who organise, campaign and fightback to make sure the offshore oil and gas industry has  a safe working environment  so that all offshore workers can return home safely to their families and friends."