Wednesday 3 August 2022

Hiroshima Day - join the memorial event on 6 Aug and give peace a chance

 Aberdeen will commemorate Hiroshima Day,  on 6th August from 2-4pm outside Marischal College. 

All ATUC affiliates, delegates, families and friends are invited to attend.

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Organised by CND North East, the event is entitled "Give Peace a Chance".

Hiroshima Day is observed yearly on August 6 in memory of the fateful day and of those who lost their lives. It is also held to promote peace politics against war.

The programme is as follows:

Chair: Felix

1. Hibakusha recording by– Charlie Abel—who cannot be present
2. Talk on Hiroshima Yu Aoki (followed by 2 minutes silence}
3. Kirsty Potts - Now more than Ever
4. Talk on United Nations Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons -Mike Martin
5 David Davies two songs
6 Jonathan Memorial to War (followed by 2 minutes silence)
7 The Mearns and Devron singers two songs – Memorandum- Korean Prayer for Peace and Harbour for those fleeing war

Chair Emma

8 Tommy Campbell two poems
9 Javier Dominguez and Melting Pot two songs Blowing in the Wind plus
10 Vicky Neumann on War
11 Iona Macdonald two songs
12 Doug The War machine
13 Wes Gibson and Melting Pot two songs
14 John Montgomery one song
15 John Montgomery plus The Mearns and Deveron singers and everyone Give Peace a Chance

The observance serves as a reminder of the day when a nuclear weapon was used during an armed conflict between the United States and Japan, and the lives that were lost when an entire city was razed to the ground. 

Little did they know that the effects of the atomic bomb that was dropped by the U.S. on the city of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945 would be felt by the next generations of Japanese as well. There was a large-scale loss of infrastructure, and a large number of people continued to die years after the incident.