Monday 30 January 2017

Aberdeen opposes Trump #MuslimBan - Protest tonight 6-8pm in the Castlegate

A protest against Trump's #MuslimBan will be held in the Castlegate, Aberdeen today from 6-8pm to show solidarity with all those who are affected by Trump's racist and mysoginistic policies.

Organiser, Fiona-Jayne Massie said, "We dinnae like Trump, but we're awfae fond o' oor foreign family members, friends, workmates, neighbours, shopkeepers, dog-walkers, strangers... Whoever!

"Let's not mince our words: Trump's new legislation against countries with a majority Muslim population is SECTARIANISM against Muslims, and RACISM against the citizens of the seven nations now banned from entering the USA. It's destroying lives. It's stopping normal people from going home to see their family, or stopping people from going home to America to resume their lives. So let's show solidarity with the rest of the planet who aren't racist idiots. How? PROTEST!"

The event is family friendly! Animal friendly! Bring placards, musical instruments, and warm clothing! Please ask if you have any accessibility concerns.

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