Friday 5 March 2021

ATUC supports International Women’s Day 2021 – “Choose to Challenge”

 Poster for IWD event
Aberdeen TUC proudly supports the struggle for peace, justice and equality by and for all women on International Women's Day and sends solidarity to all women in struggle.

The trades council is backing the local International Women’s Day events jointly arranged by Aberdeen Women’s Alliance, Aberdeen City Council and Grampian Regional Equality Council (GREC).

ATUC is one of the co-hosts of an online event organised by Aberdeen Women's Alliance and GREC on Period Poverty, Technology and Activism on International Women's Day, 8th March from 11-12 noon. Please join us.  Click here to find out more on Facebook.

Click here to find out about the other events being held locally to celebrate International Women's Day.

Donna Clark, ATUC vice president said, “Trade Unions proudly celebrate the achievements of women on International Women's Day, especially as it grew out of the campaign for better pay and improved conditions at work, in addition to the campaign for all women to have the right to vote.

“These campaigns, led by women active in the Trade Union and Labour Movement were instrumental in having International Women's Day recognised as an annual event by the United Nations." 

Donna continued, "We fully support work for peace, justice and equality for everyone throughout the world. We will always “choose to challenge” in our campaigning work.

“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women’s history and achievements, to remember women’s struggles and to focus on women’s resistance to oppression across the world.

“It has never been more important as we know that Covid has impacted disproportionately on women as carers and workers.”

Donna added, “In the last few years, women have lead inspiring movements globally - from the women of India campaigning against sexual violence to the women of Palestine peacefully opposing Israel’s illegal occupation and to the #MeToo Movement.

“The link between women’s struggles and the struggle for an end to all violent conflicts and the creation of peace throughout the world is an important one, which is why Aberdeen TUC is proud to support all women in the struggle for peace, justice and equality everywhere in the world.”