Tuesday 30 March 2021

Solidarity with EIS FELA striking to force colleges to RATIFY THE DEAL

#CollegesNeedLecturers ATUC sends support and solidarity to members of EIS Further Education Lecturers' Association (FELA) in their strike action in colleges across Scotland.

The action was called after Colleges Scotland failed to ratify an agreement negotiated with the union and agreed by the union.

The EIS-FELA twitter account states: "The facts of our dispute are clear. Negotiations ended when an agreement was made by both sides. EIS-FELA ratified that agreement. The Employers’ Association did not and then tasked Colleges Scotland to unpick the agreement that they themselves had made."

ATUC stands with the STUC and the whole of the trade union movement and calls on Colleges Scotland to ratify the deal now to avoid further disruption to the sector.

Unions can send messages of support to @EISFela on Twitter and to jgkellyeis@live.co.uk
👉 Follow their pages for solidarity alerts and announcements about upcoming events and what you can do to help:
and Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/eisfela