Monday 1 May 2023

AUKUS pact makes world more dangerous

Congress backed ATUC’s call to condemn the Tory government’s 2022 AUKUS pact for the provision of nuclear submarines for Australia and mandating an increased military presence by Britain and the US in disputed waters.

The motion from Aberdeen Trades Union Council was opposed by some unions concerned with the employment of their members. However it was supported by the STUC General Council and was passed on a card vote.

Moving the motion, ATUC delegate Mike Martin explained that AUKUS is a military partnership between the UK, the US and Australia, that was signed in September 2021. Billed as ‘a landmark defence and security partnership’, its key military focus centres on ‘the development of joint capabilities and technology sharing’, deeper integration of security and defence-related science, technology, industrial bases and supply chains.

“It’s being justified on the basis of upholding the ‘rules-based order’, yet the treaty undermines the rules of international law,” slammed Mike.

“The AUKUS pact is a dangerous escalation in the West’s ongoing confrontation with China,” said Mike, warning that the AUKUS pact brings nuclear technology into an increasingly militarised part of the world, where accidents or further provocations could flare up into full-scale war.

He called on the STUC to build opposition to AUKUS internationally and pointed out that locally CND is working in unity with partners in the peace movements in the US and Australia against AUKUS.

“We want to build on that here,” urged Mike.