Saturday 6 May 2023

May day march demands services not cuts for our children's future

Over 100 trade unionists, politicians and community representatives joined the ATUC organised May Day March and Rally on Sat 29 April in Aberdeen.

Community groups out were out in force standing up against closures of libraries and pools in Aberdeen, against the loss of green space and to save Insch community hospital. Marching alongside trade unions on International Workers’ Day.

As always the march along Union St with a pipe band at its head, turned the heads of shoppers and passers-by, who stopped to clap or cheer as the marchers passed by. It was a colourful and lively procession as the marchers called out chants and the uplifting beats of the Guarana Drummers brought up the rear.

Graeme Farquhar
Chairing the rally in the Castlegate, ATUC President, Graeme Farquhar said, "We have see so many disgraceful attacks on the lives and livelihoods of workers, citizens, on the poorest and most vulnerable and on our children. We are here saying, Enough is enough."

He commended that community campaigns and pledged, "We stand with you in solidarity."
There were passionate speeches from all the speakers, pledging to stand together for “services not cuts for our children’s future.”

Speakers from all the groups fighting against closures, for green spaces and for living rents and adequate housing all gave great speeches on their cause, but also the wider aim of protecting our children's future.

Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy, speaking for ATUC called on us to stand firm and fight and not let the Tories keeping making cuts.

She pledged that "as the Aberdeen Trades Union Council we are joining with communities groups in fighting these cut backs before the damage is irreversible to our workers of tomorrow. Our members are our communities.

"We are calling every one of you to stand and do whatever you can to fight and stop these cuts for our today and our children's future," urged Kathleen.
Kate Ramsden spoke on behalf of UNISON and for all unions in struggle, saying it was inspiring to see trade unions, communities and protest groups taking action and demanding change.

Kate said, "Ordinary people are waking up to the fact that the game’s no straight. That the Tories – a party of the rich, for the rich, by the rich – really don’t much care about the rest of us. They don’t much care about the economy either, so long as they keep making obscene profits.

Kate Ramsden

"Because if they did, they would know that the way to grow the economy for all of us is to put money in our pockets – the pockets of ordinary people - the people who spend in local shops and businesses – the people who pay their taxes.

"Give us decent pay rises, pay decent benefits that don’t penalise the poorest, disabled people and children. And invest in public services. That’s how to grow the economy," urged Kate.

"Standing together here today is only the start. Let’s pledge to have each other’s backs in the fights ahead. When we stand together we are strong."

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