Monday 1 May 2023

STUC demands councils save our libraries

Congress slammed attacks on library provision, recognising the key importance of libraries for our children and our communities.

It recognised the importance of library provision especially for already disadvantaged children and communities, and backed a campaign for investment to ensure that every school in Scotland has access to good quality school library services. The STUC will also support broader campaigns to increase funding for public library services.

Supporting the NASUWT motion on behalf of Aberdeen Trades Union Council, Morag Lawrence highlighted that at this very moment, in Aberdeen campaign groups are fighting to stop and reverse library closures. 

“A total of 6 libraries have been closed in the last month in Aberdeen alone,” she said pointing out that “this situation makes it even more vital that our children have access to a good quality school library service.

 Morag added, “In the case of Woodside Library in Aberdeen. local councillors should learn from John Anderson who wrote to Woodside Library Trust in 1883 on the occasion of his gift of the library.

“He said 'This library needs to be protected from ruthless hands, to upset my good intentions.'  Unfortunately this letter has not stopped them,” warned Morag, urging support, which delegates gave overwhelmingly.