Friday 19 April 2024

Lessons from International Brigades recognised

Scott Sutherland
#STUC24 Congress backed a call from Aberdeen Trades Union Council to campaign to have the story of the International Brigade included in the curriculum of schools, universities and colleges.

It will also ensure a focus on the International Brigades during 2026, the 90th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War.

Scott Sutherland, moving the motion highlighted that the fight against fascism from the 1930s has the lessons for us today.

“The brigades stood and fought with the Spanish people against the nazis and the rise of poisonous fascism.

“A strong message of working class resistance was sent to France, Hitler and Mussolini.”

Scott quoted the late Bob Cooney, an international brigader from Aberdeen, who said, “The lessons learned on the battlefields of Spain helped to defeat Hitler, Mussolini and fascism.”

Scott applauded the International Brigade Memorial Trust for keeping up the profile of the Spanish Civil War and the fight against fascism. He called on Congress to do the same.