Friday 19 April 2024

Risk assessments must take account of climate change

Kate Ramsden
#STUC24 Congress backed Aberdeen Trades Union Council’s call for mandatory workplace based climate hazards risk assessments to deal with the changing risks that climate change has brought.

It will also campaign for a specific maximum working temperature law now that high temperatures are a growing feature of our climate.

Moving the motion, Kate Ramsden reminded delegates that Scotland’s climate is changing and last June was the hottest on record.

“All this affects our members at their work - sweltering under temperatures above 40 degrees C in work vehicles and buildings - well in excess of what we are normally used to.

“As a country we need employers to adapt to climate change and to severe weather events to keep the public and our members safe at their work.

“Unions and trades councils are in a great position to engage with our members and public and private sector employers to negotiate and campaign for workplace based climate hazard risk assessments.

She called on the General Council to build on the excellent Adaption Scotland Climate Hazards and Resilience in the Workplace resource to keep it fit for purpose and to ensure activists are trained on it.