Friday 19 April 2024

Time to get our house in order

Kathleen Kennedy
#STUC24 Congress unanimously supported a call from Aberdeen Trades Union Council for trade unions and trade union councils to practice what they preach on equalities.

The general council will work with equalities groups urging them to report annually on equality statistics and aims and targets to improve them if needed.

Moving the motion
Kathleen Kennedy told delegates that saying we are doing equalities isn’t good enough.

“Let’s get real and prove we are doing it,” she urged.

She said that checking back on ATUC’s 150 years it’s clear that there have been only two women presidents and only two disabled presidents.

“We need to get our own house in order,” challenged Kathleen, calling for annual reporting of unions’ and TU councils’ equality stats and targets for improvement.

Speakers from other unions supported our motion making it clear that there is still a way to go across the TU movement on gender equality and other equalities.