Thursday 10 July 2014

Aberdeen in solidarity with Palestine: Stop the attacks on Gaza

Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) Aberdeen have organised a further protest on Saturday 12th July in St Nicholas Square, Aberdeen, to call for an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza.

As Israel continues to relentlessly bomb the besieged Gaza Strip, the number of Palestinian dead is now estimated to be at least 81, including dozens of children. More than 550 Palestinians have been injured during the attacks, with many in a serious condition, and medical services are struggling to cope with the wounded. Hundreds are being left homeless as family homes are reduced to rubble by Israeli missiles, and deliberate targeting of agricultural land destroys livelihoods and the ability of the region to feed itself.

Dave Black of the SPSC said, "This brutal assault on a captive population must end. Israel is not acting in self-defence - it is an oppressive occupying power carrying out a calculated programme of collective punishment across the West Bank and Gaza. As Israeli war-mongering rhetoric builds, its forces are massing along the Gazan border, prompting fears of an imminent ground invasion."

Join SPSC this Saturday as they stand in solidarity with Palestine to protest Israeli aggression and crimes against humanity.

END the attack on Gaza! END the collective punishment! NO to occupation and oppression! FREE Palestine!