Sunday 13 July 2014

End Israeli terror tactics in Gaza

ATUC delegates joined around 120 other protesters on Saturday 12th July, to mourn the deaths of over 120 Palestinian men, women and children at the hands of Israel in the past few weeks, and to call for an end to the Israeli bombardment of  Gaza.

Protesters called on politicians to act to put a stop to "this brutal assault on a captive population."

The protest was one of many held across Scotland and the UK as revulsion for the tactics of Israel continues to grow.

Passers by stopped to listen as speaker after speaker told of the terror of ordinary people, "people like you and me" as the drones and rockets fired from Israel, landed near by, killing and injuring their friends and neighbours.

Speakers, including ATUC's Brian Carroll and Tommy Campbell, SNP MSP Christian Allard and Jonathon Russell, Chair of CND Aberdeen, condemned Israel's relentless attacks on Gaza, on a day which had seen an Israeli air strike hit a home for the disabled killing two people, as well as many other assaults.

June McGuire of SPSC told the crowd, "Gaza is a 139 square mile prison camp. The people living there have nowhere to go, no borders to cross to leave.

"Can you imagine having nowhere safe to put your baby to sleep. Not even knowing if you or your children will wake up in the morning?" she asked.

Protesters heard that more than 550 Palestinians have been injured during the attacks, with many in a serious condition, and medical services are struggling to cope with the wounded. Hundreds are being left homeless as family homes are reduced to rubble by Israeli missiles, and deliberate targeting of agricultural land destroys livelihoods and the ability of the region to feed itself.

Ibrahim, the Imam of Aberdeen Mosque, whose family are from Gaza, condemned all killing, including the deaths of the three teenage Israeli boys, but pointed out that dozens of Palestinian children have been killed since the Israeli bombardment began, with far less of a public outcry.

He spoke of his fears for family still living in Gaza.

The speakers all called for fairer reporting in the media, especially the BBC.

Dave Black of SPSC Aberdeen said, "Israel is not acting in self-defence - it is an oppressive occupying power carrying out a calculated programme of collective punishment across the West Bank and Gaza.

"As Israeli war-mongering rhetoric builds, its forces are massing along the Gazan border, prompting fears of an imminent ground invasion."

He vowed that protests like this would be held every Saturday until the Israeli bombardment ends and called on all those there and more to join them.

Go to the Aberdeen in Solidarity with Palestine facebook site for up to date information about future protests