Thursday 10 July 2014

ATUC solidarity with trade unions across the UK striking for fair pay

Aberdeen Trades Union Council sends greetings and solidarity, as almost 1.5 million public sector workers take action simultaneously today 10th July.

Whilst most of the action takes place in England and Wales, the civil service union, PCS has thousands of members out in Scotland, fighting for decent pay for members.

Brian Carroll of the PCS said, " Whether it’s local government or civil service pay, firefighter pensions or teachers’ workloads – the underlying problem is the same: public sector workers are being made to carry the can for the economic crisis.

"Due to pay and pension cuts, some of our members have seen real terms losses in their income of 20% since 2010. Yet the top bosses continue to get inflation-busting pay deals, and a tax cut too.
"This will only intensify with the public sector-wide pay cap scheduled to continue into the next Parliament, with the harshest years of austerity planned for 2015/16 and 2016/17."

Brian Carroll
Brian added, "Don’t tell us “the money isn’t there” when it can be found for corporate and wealthy individuals tax cuts, for war, and for nuclear weapons. When the richest 1,000 Britons wealth increased by £70 billion last year – enough to give every worker a £2,000 pay rise – don’t tell us that there is less money around.

"This is an attack on all public sector workers, and so united public sector wide action is the best response. By the autumn, up to a million health workers may also have been balloted for strike action.

"The public sector is not alone in being hit by austerity. Many parts of the private sector have suffered similarly. Last year average incomes declined. What sort of recovery is it in which incomes fall for 80% of households, and only the top 20% see even a slight recovery?

"We as trade unions need unity around this common dispute on pay, which involve common demands and a central process of negotiation with the government. Solidarity gets results and 10 July can be the start.

"Enough is enough. We All Need a Pay Rise, in both the public and private sectors. Employers across the country, public and private are using the economic crisis as justification for pay cuts, cuts to pensions, cuts in jobs, closures of businesses and cuts to public services.

"The only people losing out are employees, the public and society in general

"Bills have rocketed while pay and pensions have been cut in real terms.

"Members have voted for action for fair pay and to join one of the largest strikes in a long while to
end the governments pay freeze and to win a fair settlement on our national pay claim of £1200 or 5% for all civil service and related staff.

"This strike is to put pressure on Government, Westminster and Scottish Government, to come to a fair negotiated settlement."