Monday 14 July 2014

Build international pressure for an end to Israel's bombardment of Gaza - Protest on Saturday 19th July 12 noon

As the death toll in Gaza rises to more than 200, with almost a thousand wounded, most of them civilians and many of them women and children, SPSC Aberdeen and the ATUC is calling for action to show our outrage at the Israeli assault on Gaza and to build the international pressure to condemn Israel’s crimes against humanity.

We must keep up the pressure. Please join us again next Saturday 19th July for a demonstration demanding the end of the bombardment of Gaza.  The event will start at 12noon - LET'S FILL ST NICHOLAS SQUARE.

You can also join the SPSC protest outside the BBC offices at 36 Beechgrove Terrace on Friday 18th July at 12.30pm ( to express your outrage at the biased BBC coverage of the illegal blockade and bombing of Gaza.

Dave Black of SPSC Aberdeen said, "Thanks to all those who came along to the protest last Saturday,  for showing your solidarity with the Palestinian people and outrage at the illegal and inhumane aggression against the population of Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces.

"As the demonstration took place on Saturday afternoon the death toll in Gaza had risen to over 130 people, and now it is nearly at 200. Israeli occupation forces have also wounded at least 940 people. OCHA estimates that 78% of the people killed are civilians, 25 are children including a 3-year and 1-year old.

 "A facility for disabled children was also hit on Saturday morning killing 2 disabled people.

"Members of armed Palestinian groups in Gaza are also being extra-judicially assassinated in violation of international law. Israeli airstrikes have targeted all sectors of civilian infrastructure including hospitals, mosques, university campuses and charitable associations.

"It is crucial that we keep up our solidarity and let the people of Palestine know that they are not alone in their struggle for basic human rights, dignity and freedom.

"Please show your anger at political inaction and write to your MP. (If you don’t know who your MP is visit"

A public organising meeting will be held this Thursday 17th July at 7:30 pm to help plan Palestine solidarity actions both in response to the current attacks on Gaza and the on-going occupation and apartheid perpetrated by Israel.   The meeting will take place at the UNITE the Union offices, 42-44 King Street, and all are welcome.

There will be a national demonstration in Glasgow on Sunday 20th July - If you're interested in transport to the demo, please contact SPSC.

Go to the Aberdeen Stands with Gaza facebook site for up to date information about these events and protests.

Dave added, "Please join us – we can all make a difference.  People around the world helped to end apartheid in South Africa; today we must join forces to end apartheid in Palestine."  

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” - Nelson Mandela.